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M.O.M is a crew/sideshow extravaganza operating out of the VA/DC/MD metro area. They offer private suspensions, suspensions barbeques, and occasional performances of the modern day sideshow variety.

After returning from a small BMEfest in 2001, where founder Sean Philips did his first suspension, he realized that suspension was doable and not above his abilities to learn. With a lot of intial guidance from Philip Barbosa, Sean and good friend Bruce Wilmot took it upon themselves to learn the multiple aspects of suspension and began throwing hooks for pullings. Shortly thereafter they started suspending people from rafters, trees, and whatever they could. The group's popularity took off after the completion of their suspension tower in Philip's home in Maryland.

Next to Rites of Passage, MOM is one of the longest-running and popular east coast suspension teams.

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