Philip Barbosa

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Philip Barbosa
Phil Barbosa-1.jpg
Birth Date November 9, 1977
Birth Place Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Death Date Living
Occupation Photographer, BME staff (retired)

Philip Barbosa (born November 9, 1977) is the heavily modified - although you wouldn't know it (like so many heavily modified people, much of it is below the belt) - Toronto-based professional photographer who was contracted by BME to photograph the first two ModCon books as well as several other BME events. His work appears in the ModCon books and on the BME trading cards as well as in many other BME productions. Phil is also one of the founders and central members in the iWasCured suspension group. In 2005 Phil was the lead photographer at Shawn Porter's first Scarwars event.

Since mid-2005, Phil has been a full time employee of BME, processing almost all the images you see in BME updates. He is also a current performer in the Carnival Diablo sideshow, working as Fellipe Barbosa (the impaler act).

Body Modifications


  • 3/4 sleeve of neo-Japanese style work by Scott McEwen
  • To always remember and To never forget on his wrists, done by Manuel at Sadofilia Tattoos in La Paz, Mexico.
  • Robots on each foot (designed by Lanette May), done by Manuel at Sadofilia Tattoos in La Paz, Mexico.
  • Lotus pubic tattoo by Jay Decateur.
  • Glutton for Punishment on his butt.

Other Modifications

Retired Modifications


  • Phil is an avid unicylist and has taken part in a rally from Toronto to Montreal (about 600km) at the end of July 06.
  • Phil had his navel "pierced" using a Studex gun (by Rachel Larratt) as part of BME's product testing. The gun broke during the procedure and the piercing failed.
  • Phil is of Portuguese-Canadian descent and speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish.

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