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For Readers

For Readers You can get started exploring the Encyclopedia by using the index letters above to browse through all of our entries. In addition, you can use the search tool on the left, or if you're just looking for something to pass the time, try a random entry and go from there.

Please note that this Encyclopedia contains graphic content and may not be suitable for all viewers.

For editors (and potential editors)

For editors (and potential editors) If you wish to edit the BME Encyclopedia you must log in with your BMEzine Single Sign-On account. After that, please begin your journey by reading the intro help file.

There's more help if you go to the User's Guide on the MediaWiki site (check out the "editors" section). The main contents page here also has some simplified help on it. You can also visit the BME Wiki forum on IAM.

Feel free to start editing, cleaning stuff up, adding missing entries (anything from the ones that are obviously needed, to studios, suspension groups, piercers, and so on; please do not add joke entries though). If you'd like to use images, feel free to take anything from BME, but don't take anything from an IAM page without that member's permission. All BME images must retain their watermarks. Uploading personal photos to the Wiki is prohibited.

(Click here for more info on our photo usage policies).