Sean Philips

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Sean Philips
Birth Date September 1, 1977
Birth Place Irmo, South Carolina, USA
Death Date Living
Occupation Professional Piercer

Sean Philips is the founder of the MOM suspension group. He is also a body modification artist based in the DC Metro area, involved in the heavy mod scene since 2000.

Sean first discovered his interest in body modification at age 5, when he attempted to cut off his hand with a hacksaw (because he "really wanted a hook.") That attempt proved to be too painful, but the fascination continued for years. Despite growing up under conservative parents who forbade even, Sean's first successful modification was a nipple piercing performed by his high school sweetheart.

At age 18, Sean got his first piercing job at a piercing pagoda in the mall. While working there, he stumbled across some In the Flesh magazines at a motorcycle store. This opened his eyes to the world of professional piercings and led him to quit the pagoda and swear off the piercing gun forever.

Among some of Sean's influences are: Jon Cobb and Blake Perlingieri.

Throughout Sean's career, he has experimented with his own shop, worked out of another that was tragically lost in a fire (now re-opened by one of his buddies), and now works out of a shop with an amazing client base.

Sean has been a member of the BME QOD staff, now, since 2000.

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  • Sean has a Jagermeister machine he named Heidi.
  • Sean has started a revolution called "What Would Sean Do?".