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Rites of Passage (or ROP) is a Northeast U.S. team responsible for many incredible moments, public and private.

Founded by Emrys Yetz in Pittsfield, MA, the group has multiplied to many chapters through the Northeastern United states. The group has been compared to activities in the movie Fight Club, where chapters spring up nationwide. As of 2010, Rites of Passage is nine years old, with their first suspension as a group on April 24th 2001. Besides Emrys, founding members included Nate Coons, Dave Grant, Dan Ritcher and Adam Walsh.

Rites of Passage suspension group at 2005 ROP BBQ in Pittsfield MA

Emrys tries to hold annual ROP BBQs and the group has organized many Suscon events, allowing many people access to the suspension experience.

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