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The ScarWars project is a self-described "international art collective consisting of Scarification artists, photographers, videographers and writers. Their goal is to educate, document and push the boundaries of what can be done with the Art of Scarification." ScarWars was conceived by Shawn Porter, the creator of SPC and a long-time BME QOD staffer.

ScarWars events took place between 2005-2007. The first was in Philadelphia in May of 2005 and marked the first Scarification event of its kind, with a diverse group of artists from several countries working in different styles and techniques. Several practitioners joined together and worked on collaborative pieces. The second event took place in Los Angeles in February 2006 and featured many unique individual and collaborative pieces. ScarWars II also saw the introduction of the Keith Alexander award for excellence in scarification, which was presented to Ron Garza.

A book entitled "OPENED: The 2005/2006 Scarwars Project" is in the process of being written and edited by the writers and photographers involved in the project. There is also a short film entitled "Connective Tissue," which documents the first two ScarWars events, which is being edited as of early 2006.

Artists who have worked at ScarWars

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