Keith Alexander

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Keith Alexander
Keith Alexander
Birth Date November 23, 1963
Birth Place
Death Date July 11, 2005
Occupation Piercer, scarification artist

Keith Alexander (November 23, 1963 - July 11, 2005) was a New York City based piercing and scarification artist.

An outspoken member of the online body modification community, Alexander got his professional start at the Gauntlet NYC, where he earned his Piercer certificate.

As well known for his razor sharp wit and skills as a scarification artist, Keith opened Modern American Bodyarts in 1996. The antithesis of the "head em up, move em out, get their money" kind of shops that were popping up all over the country, MAB offered serious clients a relaxed if not familial piercing/cutting experience.

In 1998, Keith organized the "Night of 1000 Scars" party in NYC, which was best described by Shawn Porter as "an evening of modification, sin and debauchery." Featuring performances by Spidergod5, TSD and others, the event was a huge success. This was a promotional event for the Dee Snider movie Strangeland for which Keith Alexander designed the piercings. Keith also played guitar with Dee Snider's SMF. He was the original guitar player for Carnivore as well.

Sadly, Keith Alexander was killed in a road cycling accident on July 11, 2005.

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