Sailor Sid Diller

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Sailor Sid Diller
Sailor Sid Diller-1.jpg
Birth Date |
Birth Place |
Death Date | 24 May 1990
Occupation | piercer, tattoo artist
Website | none

Sailor Sid Diller was both a tattoo artist and piercer and a regular of Doug Malloy's (pre-Gauntlet) "T&P Parties"

Sid was a member of the Coast Guard, part of the navy, during World War II and got his first tattoos and piercings during this time.1 Famous for his extensive genital piercings (over 100 in the penis and scrotum), Sid worked exclusively on gay men, mainly from his "Silver Anchor" studio in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

He was an avid documentarian, both in 35mm pictures and 8mm film, as well as a tireless letter writer with friends all over the world, including Jack Yount, with whom he developed a working relationship in the mid 1980's.

He was interviewed by Jim Ward in 1980 for PFIQ, appearing in issue #10.

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