Jack Yount

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Jack Yount
Jack Yount-1.jpg
Birth Date unknown
Birth Place unknown
Death Date 15 July 1995
Occupation Piercer
Website None

Jack Yount is an often overlooked figure in the piercing scene, who started piercing in the 1950s. Four decades later Jack was on the forefront of the heavy modifications scene. His list of modifications included: extensive tattooing, massively stretched piercings, castration (with steel balls replacing the testicles) subincision/bisection, surgically rerouted urethra, extreme silicone injections, finger amputation, and hormone-induced breasts.

Jack was very giving with information, and helped to facilitate procedures for those looking for something a little more complicated than basic piercing. He was a friend and mentor to many, including SPC's Shawn Porter.

Jack passed away July 15, 1995. The first anniversary of his passing was marked by Shannon Larratt's initial launching of BME/extreme.

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