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[Tattooist] Tattoo Mike E. has owned and operated Unique Tattoo's in Perth, Western Australia for over ten years and during that time won awards and hosted artists from around the world as well as travelling the world himself (Mostly to Polynesian islands as that is where his interests and heritage lie) his work is most recognized from the film, Once Were Warriors where he designed many of the Moko seen on screen, infact his studio space is covered with pictures of himself and the actors wearing their Moko.

Note: Inia Taylor, a ta moko artist from Aotearoa New Zealand, has claimed that he did the moko design and application for the cast of Once Were Warriors. This was claimed on a New Zealand television show called 'The Living Room' (directed by Nathan Morris).

Work by the artist staff at Unique

Unique Tattoo's currently employs five fulltime tattooing staff and two apprentices, with styles ranging from Traditional Old School, New School, Biomechanical, Fineline and of course the afore mentioned Polynesian.

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