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Constant Elevation is a Suspension team based in Northwest London, England, at the infamous House of Wah. Run by Benoit (iam:lefrog) and Alice (iam:namesofthedead).

Constant Elevation organised the first and second London suscons (also known as the WahCons), in the Summer of 2005, along with several smaller events and private suspensions. There are facilities for both indoor and outdoor suspensions (outdoor in summer only, due to the lovely British weather).

Constant Elevation are involved in performances at clubs and events, as both performers and crew, often with the Psycho Cyborgs.

Ben and Alice are known for their 'inventively-themed' suspensions, including the 'housewife suspension' series, and the tea-party suspension, as featured in the Channel4 documentary Human Canvas, on Radio Three's Night Waves, Dazed&Confused magazine, Skin Deep and others.

If you are interested in suspending with Constant Elevation, contact Alice or Ben through their IAM pages, or through the Constant Elevation Website.

Alice's 'Extreme Knitting' Suspension