Psycho Cyborgs

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The Psycho Cyborgs are a performance group from the planet Future.

The Cyborgs are, principally, space traveling madmen: Samppa von Cyborg (iam:madmax) and Baawo Bee (iam:Baawo), but tend to perform as part of a larger group. Their stage show is brutal and uncompromising, illustrating their dystopic narratives by using Piercing, skewering, electricity, lights and power tools to bloody, gory effect. Sent on a mission from their home planet, their shows strive to spread the 'New Vision.' This new vision encompasses the ideals of encouraging and rewarding individuality, lateral thinking, and peaceful acceptance of all other inhabitants.

They have supported former Wildheart frontman, Ginger, on his 2006 UK tour, been featured in the magazines Bizarre, Skin Deep, and Marquis and on Channel Four's Human Canvas documentary, and have performed at fetish events around the UK.


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