Brian Sowden

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Known on IAM and BME as perk900, Brian (born 1980) is the Philadelphia area's answer to the Loveboat's Julie McCoy: A social director for the Modified.

In 2002, he hosted the first "Bowling With Weirdos" event at Elmwood Park/Facienda Whitaker Lanes, and has gone on to branch the Weirdos franchise out to include Gambling, Snowboarding, Learning and Dining.

In addition to his own events, he's a core staff member of the ScarWars events as well as the co-host for the 2003 and 2006 "East Coast BME BBQ".

A regular BME TOP IMAGE CONTRIBUTOR, Brian has brought the east coast scene together and made it one of the strongest in the country. In addition, Brian has an unflinching ability to "take a hit for the team" and be part of situations and photoshoots that you can't "unknow."


  • The Bowling with Weirdos events usually have a Star Wars themed subtitle.
  • Brian got the "with weirdos" name from Shawn Porter.
  • Brian has a Tattoo of the word Indestructible on his chest. It is misspelled.