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The Association of Professional Piercers is the oldest and largest organization of professional piercers. Although started in the United States, the APP now has an international presence, with members worldwide. Originally formed by members of Gauntlet and other early piercing studios, the APP seeks to distribute health and safety information to piercers and to the general public. It also acts as a media and political liaison group, and its members have helped in drafting piercing legislation and guidelines around the world. They hold several conventions yearly that draw some of the best piercers from around the world.

From its website:

The APP is an international non-profit association dedicated to the dissemination of vital health and safety information related to body piercing to piercers, health care providers and the general public. The group believes that it is the obligation of all professionals in the field to assume responsibility for their continued education. The organization dedicates itself to enabling this responsibility to be met.

APP member studios are "certified" as meeting a variety of minimum standards of safety, so that customers can feel safe in being pierced at an APP shop. For a variety of sociopolitical reasons, as well as internal drama, the APP has had a slow and difficult path in building up its member base, and it should be pointed out that a majority of quality studios at this point are still not APP members.

The APP has drafted a number of well-known documents that have been widely distributed, including "A Piercee's Bill of Rights" and the "Basic Ten."


The APP have released a few publications over the years by their members:

They have also released brochures, a quarterly journal called The Point and a procedure manual.

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