Elayne Angel

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Elayne Angel
Birth Date August 6, 1960
Birth Place Downey, Californa
Death Date Living
Occupation Piercer
Website http://piercingbible.com

Elayne Angel is a professional Piercer. Her long career has touched on many of the defining people and places associated with the movement. She is well known for her "angel wings" back Tattoo, the first tattoo registered by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


  1. Early career
  2. Later career
  3. Involvement with the Association of Professional Piercers
  4. Her modifications
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Early career

Angel became interested in Body piercing...

Later career

In 1993, Angel opened her...

Involvement with the Association of Professional Piercers

Angel is a member of the...

Her modifications

Angel is best known for her...


Elayne Angel's distinctive backpiece with registration mark


  • Elayne was formerly married...
  • Angel is currently married...
  • Angel has an Associate...

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