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Zeolites are a form of highly absorbent silicate minerals containing SiO4 and AlO4 with the ratio of Si+Al:O being 1:2. They have many uses, most commonly in filtering and devices such as water softeners and cleaners. It can be added to food to absorb toxins, and many fish owners use it to remove poisons from the water of their tanks.

Refined zeolites are also an effective clotting agent. According to Z-Medica (z-medica.com) who pioneered their use as coagulants,

Scientist and humanitarian Francis X. Hursey, president of Z-Medica, discovered QuikClot when working with absorptive materials for another purpose. Many years ago, Hursey, a veteran member of the breathing air team for the Apollo project and a pioneer of PSA oxygen technology, cut himself while shaving. He turned to an absorptive agent that he had been developing for another project and applied it to his face. The bleeding stopped immediately.

The product worked so well as a coagulant that he set to work doing further testing. Over a number of years, he developed QuikClot as a product to save lives through achieving rapid clotting or hemostasis.

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