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Coagulants, blood thickening agents, help the blood to clot and thicken and reduce bleeding. Without the ability for our blood to clot, we could bleed to death from even minor cuts.

Artificial coagulants such as "No Bleed" (Ferric Chloride) and Silver Nitrate are available through medical and first-aid suppliers. Diet, usage of herbal supplements, and general health can also affect your blood's ability to clot.

Some herbs such as agrimony, goldenseal, ceanothus, mistletoe and yarrow may also have coagulant properties. Other natural products, such as purified potato starch, also have powerful coagulant properties, as artificial products such as QuikClot (made of Zeolite). Other coagulants include carbonized human hair and cuttlefish bone (sprinkled on the wound); Oriental medicine also recommends sprinkling roasted ginger powder on cuts to stop bleeding.

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