Tiff Badhairdo

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Tiff Badhairdo is a piercer and scarification artist currently working in the south of England. She trained at the London Piercing Clinic under the watchful eye of Patrick Bartholomew and the guidance of Liz Negel in 2004. She then moved back to her beloved Yorkshire and took up a piercing position at Eternal Ink in Sheffield before relocating to Brighton at the beginning of 2008 to commence work at Magnum Opus on Upper North Street.

Tiff likes to see herself as taking an active role in forwarding the UK piercing industry and describes herself as an ethical practitioner. Magnum Opus is one of the few places within the UK to use internally-threaded jewellery as standard. Surface piercing is one of her major piercing boat-floaters. Her true passion, however, lies with scarification and she is at her happiest when gripping a scalpel trained on skin. Her developing style is somewhat fluidic and she has a penchant for working with repetitive patterns and symmetry, mainly linework with the odd bit of skin removal thrown in for good effect.

Tiff also helps facilitate suspensions with the Body Evolution suspension team in Norfolk and more recently the London-based Constant Elevation.

She was a former member of the AskBME staff panel.