The Piercing Bible

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The Piercing Bible
Author Elayne Angel
Genre Non Fiction
Country United States
Publisher Crossing Press
Published March 3, 2009
Language English
Pages 320
ISBN 1580911935

The Piercing Bible is a book written by Elayne Angel, an APP member, which contains a variety of information on body piercing. This was the first comprehensive mainstream book in print in the English language to cover the subject of body piercing exclusively.

Intended Audience

The Piercing Bible is a reference book that is primarily directed to consumers and those considering piercing, secondarily to people who deal with piercees such as medical professionals, teachers, parents; and thirdly to apprentices and piercers.


As quoted from the book:

The Piercing Bible is deliberately limited in scope to provide detailed, useful information about the most common body piercings. Related subjects such as "play" (temporary) piercings, implants, and suspensions, which are all part of the broader piercing scene, will be touched on only in passing. Tattoos and more extreme forms of body modification, such as scarification, branding, tongue splitting, and so on, will not be addressed.

This book is not an instructional manual on how to perform body piercings on yourself or others. Visit a competent professional piercer for all permanent piercings. If you are interested in becoming a piercer, I urge you to seek out appropriate training under the guidance of an experienced mentor before attempting to do any piercings.

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