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The first suspension group in Canada's first suspension.

Martini Howe (born May 12, 1980) was not the first person in Canada to perform a Suspension, but was the first member of iWasCured (along with Philip Barbosa and others) to suspend with the group. He is the first person in Canada to suspend with a. He is a former and still occasional body piercer.

Brief Biography

  1. Born May 12, 1980 in St. Mary's Ontario, Canada
  2. Moved to the Niagara Region at the age of four after his mother and father divorced
  3. Became involved in tattooing and piercing at 16 when he received his first tattoo (a biomech armband to represent his interest in computers and telephony)
  4. Began his piercing apprenticeship in 1998 after just turning 18
  5. Worked for several years off and on for two different major financial institutions in Canada
  6. Has travelled throughout the US, Canada, UK and Caribbean
  7. Currently in a state of flux with regards to residency and career ;)
  8. Generally works in a professional white collar environment

Body Modifications


  1. Large scale old-school tattoo coverage on both arms
  2. Portrait projects on both legs
  3. iWasCured cross on left forearm
  4. Beginnings of Polynesian style shorts
  5. 31337 tattoo on the back of his neck

Other modifications

  1. Complex custom carved silicone implanted underneath martini glass tattoo on right arm
  2. Symmetrical designs branded on both hands
  3. Vasectomy
  4. Self scalpelled 2ga lorum (with the assistance of Philip Barbosa)
  5. Several self done ritualistic cuttings and extensive play piercing experience

Industry Experience

  1. Has pierced off and on since 1998
  2. Has worked in shops all over Southern Ontario
  3. Has guest spotted in Austin, TX and Peterborough, Ontario
  4. Helped to found the first Canadian Suspension group, iWasCured


  1. Former phone phreak
  2. Aided in design, building, subsequent destruction and further resurrection and final destruction of iWasCured tower at Shannon Larratt's Bathurst Street BME World HQ.
  3. 2004 BME Pain Olympics winner (read: patsy) taking some ridiculous abuse at the hands of The Great Orbax, The Lizardman and Monte.
  4. Was referred to as "crazy" by Steve-O of Jackass fame while vacationing with Shannon Larratt and The Lizardman in Cambridge, UK.

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