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The first suspension group in Canada's first suspension.

Martini Howe (born May 12, 1980), was not the first person in Canada to perform a suspension, but was the first member of iWasCured (along with Philip Barbosa and others) to suspend with the group. He is the first person in Canada to suspend with a suspension group. He is a former and still occasional body piercer.

Brief Biography

  • Born May 12, 1980 in St. Mary's Ontario, Canada
  • Moved to the Niagara Region at the age of four after his mother and father divorced
  • Became involved in tattooing and piercing at 16 when he received his first tattoo (a biomech armband to represent his interest in computers and telephony)
  • Began his piercing apprenticeship in 1998 after just turning 18.
  • Worked for several years off and on for two different major financial institutions in Canada
  • Has travelled throughout the US, Canada, UK and Caribbean
  • Currently in a state of flux with regards to residency and career ;)
  • Generally works in a professional white collar environment

Body Modifications


  • Large scale old-school tattoo coverage on both arms
  • Portrait projects on both legs
  • iWasCured cross on left forearm
  • Beginnings of Polynesian style shorts
  • 31337 tattoo on the back of his neck

Other modifications

  • Complex custom carved silicone implanted underneath martini glass tattoo on right arm
  • Symmetrical designs branded on both hands
  • Vasectomy
  • Self scalpelled 2ga lorum (with the assistance of Philip Barbosa)
  • Several self done ritualistic cuttings and extensive play piercing experience

Industry Experiece

  • Has pierced off and on since 1998
  • Has worked in shops all over Southern Ontario
  • Has guest spotted in Austin, TX and Peterborough, Ontario
  • Helped to found the first Canadian Suspension group, iWasCured


  • Former phone phreak
  • Aided in design, building, subsequent destruction and further resurrection and final destruction of iWasCured tower at Shannon Larratt's Bathurst Street BME World HQ.
  • 2004 BME Pain Olympics winner (read: patsy) taking some ridiculous abuse at the hands of The Great Orbax, The Lizardman and Monte.
  • Was referred to as "crazy" by Steve-O of Jackass fame while vacationing with Shannon Larratt and The Lizardman in Cambridge, UK.

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