Jonathon Marshall

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Jonathon Marshall

Jonathon Marshall
Birth Date September 25, 1980
Birth Place
Death Date Living
Occupation BME Webmaster & Systems Administrator

Jonathon Marshall (born September 25, 1980) has worked on a wide variety of BME projects since 2002 as a programmer, designer, and sysadmin, as well as assisting on other non-BME projects with Shannon Larratt and Rachel Larratt.


  • Jonathon was once queried at length about his penis by Oprah Winfrey and has appeared on the show.
  • Jonathon really likes Churros.
  • Jonathon is an old friend of and has a matching tattoo with Rachel Larratt.
  • Jonathon owns the original photo that became the ModCon (Book) cover.
  • Jonathon apprenticed under Pere Frost for piercing, scarification, and branding.


  • BME/Links - Extensive and searchable body modification links engine. Replaced by BME411
  • IAM.Crush - IAM.Crush implemented in PHP with a few added features.
  • IAM Live Chat - Hacked Unreal IRCD (no ops, IAM user authentication, forced nick, and channel logging for TOS). No longer available.
  • IAMPIX - Network Attached Storage for IAM pictures.
  • BMESHOP.COM - The new BMEshop, custom theme and code modifications, created 2005. Also designed a number of ads and stickers for BMEshop.
  • PDF Sales Application - A custom PDF sales application written in Ruby on Rails, for BMEshop. This application creates customized PDF files of Tattoo & Piercing Magazine with the purchasers name at the bottom of every page, and also sends them an email with their login and download details.
  • Advertisement - Using an open source engine for serving in-house BMEshop ads on a variety of BME sites such as Modblog and AskBME.
  • ModBlog - Original and improved WordPress themes, as well as customized plugins for the Recent Comments and Most Commented On Entries pages.
  • Wordpress RSS import script - modifications to allow remote posting of IAM entries to your wordpress blog.
  • BME/Wiki - Script (PHP & CURL) for importing of all old BME Encyclopedia data into the wiki (source available on google code). Created functions that remotely verify IAM users when signing up for wiki accounts used by the wiki plugin created by IAM:Phantazm.
  • BMEink - Separation of the tattoo galleries to their own domain, various mod-rewrite rules to properly, and invisibly, forward users to the new content while retaining the overall ranking with search engines.
  • AskBME - The new home of BMEzine Question of the Day, now running under Wordpress, developed and wrote the custom plugins to handle question and image submission, administration, moderation. Customized plugins for the Recent Comments and Most Commented On Entries pages.
  • BME411 - World-Wide Tattoo & Piercing Studio Directory. Studio ratings, full search, and integration with Google Maps (
  • SSO - Custom BMEzine Single Sign-On platform to consolidate all logins across the BME community of sites. Written from the ground up in CakePHP, community sites extend custom plugins to allow for Single Sign-On (Wordpress, MediaWiki, PMwiki) (

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