ModCon (Book)

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Author Shannon Larratt
Genre Culture Studies, Photography
Country United States
Publisher BME Books
Published March 18, 2002
Language English
Pages 128
ISBN 0973008008

ModCon is a book by Shannon Larratt.

In May of 1999, members of the heavy modification set made their way from around the world to attend an event that was to become infamous. They came from as far away as Japan and varied in age from eighteen to their early seventies. No matter how far they traveled or what age they were, this would be the first time for most to be surrounded by this many people with a shared interest—extreme body modification.

Practitioners and participants who have dedicated their bodies and lives to fields such as tattooing, branding, implants, subincision, amputation, castration, scarification, nullification ... this event was only for the serious, and, as such, attendance was by invite only. None of those invites were to media.

"ModCon: The Secret World of Extreme Body Modification" is the first peek for most into this most secretive of worlds. It is the culmination of three ModCon events held over a three-year period and documented by its organizer, Shannon Larratt. A life long contributor to the community and publisher of, Shannon is the world's foremost authority on the subject of extreme body modification. As well as containing comprehensive and informative information on the subject, "ModCon: The Secret World of Extreme Body Modification" also contains stunning images by photographer Phillip Barbosa whose contributions to the community include a complete visual documentation of every ModCon event as well as helping organize the IWasCured suspension group in Toronto, Canada.

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