Håvve Fjell

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Håvve Fjell
Birth Date
Birth Place Oslo, Norway
Death Date living
Occupation performance artist
Website http://www.painsolution.net/

Håvve Fjell is a performance artist from Oslo, Norway.

He began experimenting with his pain tolerance by cutting and burning himself as a teenager, but it wasn't until he read Modern Primitives that he realized he was not alone and could finally be proud of his urges.

After forming Pain Solution in 1993, Fjell was able to share his art with an increasing number of people, and more people still got to see his work in "Kvintett," a series of 5 performance pieces which took place at an art gallery in Oslo. These pieces recieved a great deal of media attention, as the original venue thought his plans were too extreme and backed out, so Håvve displayed one of his pieces—himself, mummified in plaster banadages—outside the front steps of the museum as a protest against this censorship.

Fjell has achieved a great level of fame and respect in his home country, and has even participated in a seminar on self-harm alongside medical professionals.

Fjell has been hosting an annual suspension event in Oslo with his suspension group, Wings of Desire, since 2002.

Fjell has written the book Ten Years of Pain about his experiences as a performer, and it was available at the BMEshop, but has sold out.

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