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[]( is [BME's](/index.php?title=BME) official online store. BMEshop stocks and sells only the highest quality body modification products, exclusive BME products, like [BME Shirts](/index.php?title=BME_Shirts), books, medical supplies and more. BMEshop is a feature rich online store with a gift registry, wishlist, and special deals on certain items.

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Brands Stocked by BMEshop

  • [BMEZINE.COM](/index.php?title=BMEZINE.COM)
  • [Anatometal](/index.php?title=Anatometal)
  • [Black Ivy Organics](/index.php?title=Black_Ivy_Organics&action=edit&redlink=1)
  • [Diablo Rojo](/index.php?title=Diablo_Rojo&action=edit&redlink=1)
  • [Gorilla Glass](/index.php?title=Gorilla_Glass)
  • [Industrial Strength](
  • [Kaos Softwear](/index.php?title=Kaos_Softwear)
  • [Onetribe Organics](/index.php?title=Onetribe_Organics)

BMEshop Interviews