Cere Coichetti

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Cere Coichetti
Birth Date 8 August 1977
Birth Place
Death Date Living
Website http://cere.bme.com

Cere Coichetti is a suspension artist currently centered in NYC. After retiring from piercing after many years, he moved into the world of suspension and has been an influential and respected voice in the community for a decade. Cere currently facilitates suspensions with various groups across the globe and devotes time to teaching and increasing safety awareness amongst other practitioners.

Cere is a long time contributor to BME as well as an extremely controversial member of IAM. He’s considered by many to be an instrumental member of the suspension community and is known internationally for his facilitation of suspensions to those in need. Cere is a long time member of Rites of Passage.

Cere also sits on the Board of Advisors for the Church of Body Modification and, as of 2012, a member of the AskBME staff.


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