Zoe Bell

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Zoe Bell
Birth Date November 17, 1978
Birth Place New Zealand
Death Date Living
Occupation Stunt Woman, Actress
Website http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1057928/


Zoe Bell is a stuntwoman. She was born in New Zealand on November 17, 1978 and has doubled for Lucy Lawless on Xena and Uma Thurman on Kill Bill 1 & 2. She also starred in the Tarantino film Grindhouse: Death Proof where she did her own stunts. During the shooting of Kill Bill 2, Zoe broke several bones in her back and hadn't realized it until a month later. The injury required surgery to repair. Zoe is also the subject of a documentary on her and fellow stuntwoman Jeannie Epper called Double Dare.

Zoe sports a labret piercing.


  • Of course I feel fear. I think its more a matter of when you no longer feel fear it's time to hang it up. Feeling fear is a good sign that your survival instincts are intact. You need to appreciate the dangers to stay safe.(when asked if she feels fear doing stunts)

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