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  1. 1 Tattoos
  2. 2 Body Piercings (Permanent)
  3. 3 Body Piercings (Temporary)
  4. 4 Play Piercing
  5. 5 Flesh Hook Suspension
  6. 6 Non-Surgical Body Play and Modification
  7. 7 Heavy Body Modifications
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In addition to the records listed on this page, you may also want to check out the list of world records in detail. Before we get started on this entry, we should note that only a small percentage of these records are documented by "official" sources such as the Guiness Book of World Records. However, we have done our best to confirm that these records are accurate.

If you know of one that's either not listed or currently blank (or outdated), please update it!


  • Most Tattooed Person
  • Longest Tattoo Session: Greg 'Beans' Hines and Damien Ouchynik in 25 and 27 June 2004 at 39 hr 21 min.
  • Oldest Living Tattooed Person
  • Oldest "Tattoo Virgin"
  • Youngest Tattooed Person
  • Most prolific tattoo artist
  • Youngest Professional Tattoo Artist
  • Oldest Professional Tattoo Artist
  • First Tattoo Studio
  • Most Tattooed Woman: Krystyne Kolorful and Julia Gnuse with 95% body coverage.
  • Most Tattooed Man: Tom Leppard (in 1987 and Lucky Diamond Rich in 2003, both with 99.9% body coverage.

Body Piercings (Permanent)

  • Most Permanent Piercings
  • Most Permanent Piercings done in a Single Session
  • Largest Earlobe Stretchings: Bear Big Ears at 5 1/2"
  • Largest Lip Stretching
  • Largest Septum Stretching
  • Largest Nostril Stretching
  • Largest Nipple Stretching
  • Oldest Professional Body Piercing
  • First Piercing Studio
  • Most Pierced Woman: Elaine Davidson in February 2011 with 6 925.

Body Piercings (Temporary)

  • Most Piercings (With Jewelry) in a Single Session
  • Most Piercings (Without Jewelry) in a Single Session - the Berkeley 5000 was done by Ilsa Strix on September 20 1996
  • Most Piercings (With Jewelry) in a Single Session, Self-done
  • Most Piercings (Without Jewelry) in a Single Session, Self-done

Play Piercing

  • Most Play Piercings in a Single Session
  • Most Body Piercings (Surgical Needles) by Benjamin Drucker in July 12, 2003 with 745 piercings.
  • Most Body Piercings in a Single Session: in Charlie Wilson (UK) and Kam Ma (UK) in March 4, 2006 with 1015 piercings.

Flesh Hook Suspension

  • Oldest Suspendee
  • Largest Multi-person Suspension
  • Youngest Suspendee
  • Most Hooks
  • Longest Single Hook Suspension, Back
  • Longest Single Hook Suspension, Arm
  • Longest Single Hook Suspension, Chest
  • First Knee Suspension
  • Longest Suspension
Longest suspension from a single hook
It should first be noted that this record was defined by, and first held by, Allen Falkner. It was then held by Shane Munce, who suspended from a single hook for one minute. He then broke his own record and suspended for three minutes from a single hook.
Longest successful one-hook one-elbow suspension
This unofficial title is held by Clive Mathias, and little other information (such as duration) is readily available.

Non-Surgical Body Play and Modification

  • Smallest Corset, Male
  • Smallest Corset, Female
  • Largest Saline Inflation
  • Smallest Waist On A Living Person: Cathie Jung in 1999 of 38.1 cm (15 in).
  • Longest Neck: Women of the Padaung Tribe at 40 cm (15.75 in).

Heavy Body Modifications

  • Largest Horn Implants: Louie Sanchez III
  • Most Implants
  • Largest Silicone Injection, Penis
  • Largest Silicone Injection, Scrotum


  • Oldest Surgical Procedure: Trepanation at 7000 years.
  • Sword Swallowing
  • Most Advanced Body Modification Artist - Steve Haworth 1999-present

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