Warren Hiller

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Warren Hiller
Birth Date May 19
Birth Place Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Death Date Living
Occupation BME staff (retired)


Warren Hiller was one of the new/modern era piercers who appeared on the industry scene in 2002. With a high emphasis on professional, ethics and morals, Warren devoted his life to body piercing, constantly bettering his abilities.

Best known as being the individual who pushed an open dialogue amongst professionals and apprentices, with the start of the IAM Learning forum.

Having traveled the globe, in late 2008, Warren went on hiatus and eventual retirement from Body Piercing.

In 2009 Warren obtained a job as a Sterile Tech for one of the busiest shops in Canada, as well as enrolled in school for Sterile Supply Processing.

In 2010 he obtained his certification in Sterile Supply Processing and is investing his time and efforts more within the Health Care industries than Body Piercing.