Tony Cohen

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Tony Cohen in his studio "The Illustrated Man"
Angry Anderson's sleeve tattoo's by Cohen.

Tony Cohen, owner of the studio The Illustrated Man and tattooing since 1969, is one of Australia's modern tattooing fathers. Cohen has traveled all over the world and collected and given tattoos to some of the most well known tattooists of their day such as Rusty Skuse (Les Skuse's wife) and George Bone in England, Lyle Tuttle, Ed Hardy and Cliff Raven in America.

Cohen is firmly entrenched in the Old School of tattooing bold outlines and bright colour, but can and will tattoo almost any style one could wish. Cohen has tattooed many of Australia's celebrities with musician/activist Angry Anderson wearing full sleeves and more of Cohen's work.

An avid collector of tattoo memorabilia, Cohen helped compile "The Tattoo" in 1994 to share and show what he had collected over the years.