Tim Cridland

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Tim Cridland
Birth Date 29 December 1963
Birth Place Pullman, Washington
Death Date living
Occupation performer
Website http://www.mindandmatter.net

Tim Cridland is one of the best known professional Pincushions.


He began his act as The Torture King as a member of the original Jim Rose Circus Sideshow. Cridland left the Jim Rose Show in 1994 to produce his own show. He currently performs as Zamora the Torture King or simply Zamora.

Tim's act is unique as it contains not only standard Play piercing and Sword swallowing, but deep piercings through the body of his arms and through the flesh inside his jaw (like a Sprung piercing). Additionally, he cuts into his torso, appearing to remove swallowed objects directly from his stomach.

Especially considering that his act is repeated almost daily on a tour schedule, he pushes the boundaries of the pincushion act remarkably far.

He has been featured on many television shows such as Guinness World Records Primetime, Ripley's Believe It or Not!, The National Geographic Channel, 48 Hours, and Stan Lee's Superhumans. He appeared in the movies: Freakshow, Modify and Sideshow Still Alive. He also appeared in Billy Talent's music video for their song "Fallen Leaves".

Tim Cridland lives and performs in Las Vegas. He is a regular attraction at Knott's Berry Farm's Halloween Haunt at Buena Park, CA.

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