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People with a BME logo tattooed or scarred onto them

Some people who feel that BME has changed their life, or who simply like the look of the various BME logos, have had one or more of the BME logos tattooed or scarred onto their body. These people are said to belong to "Team BME" or are "BME4LIFE." Many who do choose to modify themselves with the logos also change the look slightly. Some opt for just the text.

"I've been asked what I think of people who get the logo tattooed on, since I generally encourage people to get their own designs and not copies of other people's work. My feeling is that if something means a lot to you, there's nothing wrong with getting its logo tattooed. I'm deeply honored that someone would assign such importance to BME, and happy to see affirmation of BME doing a "good thing" in this world."Shannon Larratt