Sword Swallowing

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Sword swallowing is a dangerous performance art, in which the performer inserts a sword into his mouth and down his esophagus towards his stomach. The name given to this art is technically misleading, as performers have to suppress their gag reflex and not actually swallow while the sword is down their throat. Fewer than 75 performers exist worldwide, most of whom are members of the Sword Swallowers Association International (SSAI). Sword swallowing is a life-threatening activity, and many deaths and serious medical complications have arisen from attempting this feat. It should never be attempted at home.

World Records

Heaviest Sword Swallowed; Mathew Henshaw (aka St Matty, aka Matty Blade) of Perth, Western Australia hung a 20.1kg (44lb 4.96oz) sack of potatos off the hilt of a 40.5cm (15.9in) long sword for five seconds in 2005. Most Swords Swallowed and Twisted; Brad Byers of Moscow, Idaho, America swallowed and twisted 10 swords with each one being 68.5cm (27in) long, 180 degrees.

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