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Suicide suspension, and the photo that is the inspiration for the Swing logo.

Taking inspiration and getting encouragement from IWasCured, Rites Of Passage and the All Grrls Suscon in 2004, Alyssa Jane (iam:Alyssa Jane) and *chel* (iam:chel) from the east coast of Australia formed Swing.

The members of Swing see Suspension as an empowerment exercise or perhaps even a sport, understanding that every person seeking to suspend has their own reasons and philosophies behind the need to seek out and perform this rite; and so, they do their best to facilitate every suspendee's needs to ensure a fulfilling experience.

At this time, Swing are striving to refine and increase their knowledge of suspension and its techniques. They wish to one day reach the same caliber and reputation as many of the older crews overseas.