Super Glue

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Cyanoacrylate is a powerful and versatile adhesive, sold medically under the name Dermabond, and commercially by a number of names, one of the most common being Super Glue.

In the body modification world, cyanoacrylate has a number of uses. It is used by some practitioners as a suture alternative for genital implant procedures. Proper use of cyanoacrylate in this capacity can produce less scarring than the use of traditional sutures. The glue may need to be re-applied a few times during the initial healing process, as it tends to flake off before the wound is completely healed closed.

In addition, some men enjoy using glues for temporary Infibulation by pushing the genitals up and wrapping them in pubic and scrotal skin, and then gluing the whole thing together. This generally lasts a few days at most, and relatively painless separation is possible before that with care... assuming the person shaved fully!