Skin Removal

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Cutting and Skin Removal Scarification by Brian Decker
Skin removal being performed by Brian Decker

Skin Removal (or "Skin Peeling" or "Skinning") is a form of consisting of the removal of areas of skin (rather than just making a cut).


As with cutting, skin removal is made using a surgical blade or scalpel. In order to remove a piece of skin, first the area has to be outlined like a single cutting scarification, but on a minor depth level. Then with the help of a Kocher or dissection clamp the tissue to be removed is pulled back while "slicing" on the bottom to free the skin from beneath. It is not recommended to remove large amounts of skin due to the fact that our skin is the first barrier between us and the medium that surrounds us. It is very important that you follow the aftercare guidelines that your practitioner considers best for the result you want to achieve.


Spanish artist Toro is generally considered the originator of this technique, with artists like Brian Decker and Ryan Oulette then evolving it into a popular form of body modification.

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