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A sharps container is a single use container (as in once it's full, it cannot be emptied and re-used) that is used as a repository for used medical needles, scalpels, and otherwise contaminated sharp objects, and then disposed of. Worldwide standard practice is that needles or other sharp objects be placed immediately into a sharps container after a single use.


Used sharp objects are dropped into the container without touching the outside of the container. Objects should never be pushed or forced into the container, nor should the container be over-filled, as damage may result.


It is not legal or safe to dispose of a sharps container along with ordinary garbage. Local hospitals or other businesses that specialize in the disposal of medical waste can be contacted to properly dispose of a sharps container. When practicing at home (be it piercings, tattoos, scarifications, or even amputations) please be diligent about disposing of sharps in a legal and safe manner. Please remember that other people do come into contact with disposed garbage, and any improperly disposed of sharps could be an extreme health threat.

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