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Septum Retainer is a piece of jewelry for making a septum piercing less visible (or not visible at all). The septum retainer was a Gauntlet innovation.[1]

There are two general kinds of septum retainers. There are staple-shaped ones that are made of either blackened niobium to be less visible or stainless steel (or occasionally glass). Second, a variety of plugs may also be used as septum retainers. Typically, one would use a single-flare plug with an O-ring groove (also known as a bullet in reference to septum jewelry) or a double-grooved plug with O-rings. Septum wearers at larger gauges may find these plugs to be more practical as they are usually more readily available and may be more comfortable. At larger gauges, staple-shaped retainers may simply become uncomfortable/annoying for some wearers due to the size of the ends that are tucked inside the nostril.

Blackened niobium staple, stainless steel staple and stainless steel single-flare/bullet-type with O-ring

Alternative Names

Septum Keeper