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... are not piercers

Doctors are highly educated medical professionals. If you want to have your appendix removed, a pacemaker installed, or your colon probed, then visit a doctor (well, maybe others can help you with the colon probing, but you know what I mean). Doctors are experts at what they know. They are not piercers. They are no more qualified to give you advice on piercing than your bus driver is. A piercing does not heal like a wound. In fact, trying to make a piercing heal like a wound will likely cause the piercing to fail.

You went to a piercer to get your piercing done. If you have a problem with it, ask them—they're the experts.

Surgical Mods

First and foremost, you must realize that a doctor (and any ethical practitioner, medically trained or not) will turn you away if they feel you are not mentally stable. Now, you're coming to them asking for a procedure that's well outside of the cultural norm, so you've already got one potential mark against you—be very sure that you can rationally justify the procedure you're interested in. If you can't, then it might be in your best interest to simply wait and think about it a bit longer.

Before seeking underground routes, you would be advised to first approach some plastic surgeons in your area. Look for those who specialize in breast implants and cosmetic genital enhancement, as they will be most used to unusual requests.

If that fails, there is a network of doctors both inside and outside of the West that are willing to do these procedures. For obvious reasons I'm not about to list their contact information here, but they can be easily found using the existing body modification contact lists on BME, as well as through tradition heavy S&M and eunuch channels.