Perth Pirate Core

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Perth, Australia Day 2006
Piercings and Photo: Emili Hubble

The P.P.C. was formed in late 2004 by a group of like minded individuals, to explore themselves, their minds, the boundaries of their bodies and to have fun as well.

Their first meet was held on International Talk like a Pirate Day (Hence Pirate Core; Perth came from the city they all reside in) on the Island of Rottnest just off the Western Australian coast.

The P.P.C. began by experimenting with pulling and moved on to suspension once the piercers of the group — Ryan Mulholland, Emili Hubble and Todd Denzil-Williams — became confident with their knowledge of skin, hook positioning, and experience. At this moment, they are seeking out and learning new ways, methods and techniques of these arts. Soon, the P.P.C. will also be able to offer Kavadi to those seeking it with a frame currently under construction.

The P.P.C. currently has around 8 full time members with others on the periphery who also enjoy exploration.

Several members of the P.P.C. (Ryan, Emili, Todd and James Veitch) also formed the performance group "Circus Carnis" to shock, delight and teach those who may not be aware of this way of life.