Penis Stretcher

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Penis Stretcher

Device used to stretch and lengthen the penis or scrotum.

These usually homemade devices are used to put stretching pressure on the length of the Penis or Scrotum, and, with extended use, can make permanent changes in the anatomy. The scrotum is far more tolerant of such changes, whereas the internal structures of the penis can easily be damaged by overstretching, resulting in a long but impotent penis.

The most common penis-stretcher design is two plates with long screws or bolts holding them apart. By turning these screws, the distance between the two ends can be altered. The one end is held to the body by pressure, and the other end is attached to the Glans of the penis by or a loop around the corona, or, in the case of a scrotal stretcher, the end plate may simply have a hole in it through which the Testicles are inserted as a backing.

Other devices include elastic/bungee contraptions where one end straps to the leg and the other end straps to the genitals.

Penis stretching devices are also used after Penile Ligament Cutting procedures in order to stop the penis from being shortened by scarring, and to maximize the effects of the surgery.

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