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According to PURE's website:

PURE is a new, friendly, high end shop offering the most unmatched quality jewelry available, as well as the most extensive sterilization guidelines around. All piercing will be done using 100% sterile techniques, and we’re well versed with any piercing related procedure you can think of, including genital piercing.

We offer extraordinary scarification and modification work that you won’t find anywhere else in NYC. It's one of the cleanest looking shops in the boroughs and the staff has an impeccable knowledge to run things as clean as it looks.

All of our piercing jewelry is available with internal threads in ASTM approved 316LVM implant grade steel as well as 6AL4V implant grade titanium. We also offer ASTM standard clear glass pieces for beginning nostril and labret piercings to keep them well hidden, if needed.

If you can't make it into the shop to set up an appointment, you are always welcome to call us at 718-384-3377. We also encourage walk-ins, but appointments are suggested.

Our pricing is set to still be competitive among all the other shops in New York City. Our piercing and jewelry prices are based on the location of the piercing, as well as the cost of the jewelry you select. Tattoo prices are usually an hourly rate.


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