Occlusive Method

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occlusive method of healing tattoos involves using an Occlusive bandage during the initial healing stage.

The bandage acts as a scab, meaning that your body doesn't have to create one, which leads to less scarring.

Additionally, it prevents any clothing from rubbing on the fresh tattoo, keeps out dirt and grime, and keeps things (like bed sheets) from sticking to the new work.

Bandages should be changed 2-3 times a day (more or less depending on you and your lifestyle), gently wiped down, and allowed to "air out" before putting a new bandage on.

If you do not keep the area clean and change the bandage and allow it to air out, you run the risk of developing pimples, "diaper rash," or another Allergic reaction on the area covered by the bandage. If that happens, it's best to discontinue use of the occlusive method for the rest of the healing process.

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