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Lyndon Oudit, Tattoo artist.

{taken with permission from their website}

I'm Lyndon a Tattoo artist, I am also a freelance designer and illustrator.
In 2003 I found that cold and impersonal corporate design work no longer brought me satisfaction and I decided to take up tattooing instead. As with most cases I purchased the necessary equipment and proceeded to tattoo family and friends ( Kevin you are a brave soul-many, many thanks). I soon realized that tattooing living skin was infinitely more difficult than painting/drawing on paper or canvas and digital art. I needed guidance and proper instruction as well.
Finding someone to Apprentice me was difficult, but fortunately I met Vince West of Studio tatouage west. It was here after many long hours in the shop, listening and observing Vince that I began as he put it; to love the skin.
The expert guidance that I received from Vince and his wife Stacy, and resident tattoo artist Vero has been priceless ( Vince, Stacy & Vero a humble thanks for all that you have taught me). To my chagrin, circumstances forced my leaving of the studio.
At this time I was discouraged, "homeless" so to speak. I wanted nothing more than to continue this new and exciting type of art. The challenge and the responsibility of putting art into the skin was like a drug. The satisfaction and the pride in watching someone sporting fresh ink-nothing I have done in my professional working life to date has brought me this much satisfaction. So I persevered: I set up at home and started to develop and build a small but loyal clientele.
Other than my family and friends, my clients are the most important people in my life. I strive to provide the best work I can for them. As in my professional work, extreme diligence, attention to detail, and the quest for excellence are the core of my tattooing work.
Having said all of this I am pleased to and proud to work with like minded people. Namely Jeff and Steph of FirstStar Body Modifications. As we evolve and grow I encourage those who are loyal to keep coming back and for those who are under consideration for a body modification to come check out our very personalized service.
You the client are our responsibility.