Lexci Million

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Lexci Million
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Birth Date January 23, 1983
Birth Place Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Death Date Living
Occupation Professional Piercer
Website http://www.bme.com/iam/lexci_million/

Lexci Million (born January 1983) started piercing in February 2003. Former manager of Dragon FX West Edmonton Mall, Lexci joined the staff at Dragon FX Kingsway in 2005 to work closely with Tattoo and Piercing Magazine and take time to begin projects in piercing legislation, body modification publications and continue networking with other piercers worldwide.

Conflict of interest and splitting of goal paths, Lexci left Dragon FX to continue on her own in pursuit of her original goals for the modification industry. She worked for three years at Shambhala Tattoos, a tattoo and piercing studio on the popular Edmonton "Whyte Ave" strip before taking up the offer of General Management position back at Dragon FX Kingsway

As of 2010, Lexci has been working with David Vidra with Health Educators towards becoming a certified educator. She continues to educate the public on safe body modification, acceptable initial body jewelry and with local groups towards legitimizing local Canadian body art industry.

She is part of BME's Question of the Day staff.


  • Lexci is a professionally trained classical/pop vocalist and karaoke enthusiast
  • Lexci is self-proclaimed "UFC's Biggest Fanatic"
  • Lexci is an advocate for animal rescue and works in animal foster and rehabilitation for abandoned and homeless animals.
  • Lexci currently has three dogs and two cats.

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