Kevin Nasser

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Kevin "MD" Nasser is the resident body mod artist at A Touch of Ink, but is most known for his work at Sight 4 the Blind Tattoos Inc. in the Bronx, NY. He got his start in the world of body modification by play piercing himself at home with safety pins or whatever other pointed object he could find. Once they opened up a tattoo shop in his neighborhood, he knew what he wanted to do in life. At the age of 16 he started getting tattooed. He also started reading any article he could find that talked about body piercing. He hung around the tattoo shop that had opened up and learned as much as he could about the art of body piercing. Wanting to make sure he was ready to become a piercer; he took anatomy courses, courses on how to prevent cross contamination, and bloodborne pathogens courses. By the age of 18 the shop that triggered his calling had closed down and another one had opened up. It was then that he started working at Sight 4 the Blind Tattoos Inc. as a professional piercer. He is well accomplished in body piercing, tattooing, and skin removal scarification. Kevin continues to amaze everyone who comes to check him out.

If you are interested in getting work done or seeing some of his work you can search for him on BME or you can contact him via his Myspace account or check him out on Facebook