Jeff Keefe

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Jeff Keefe - Senior Piercer, owner of FirstStar Body Modifications.

My name is Jeff and I first started my piercing apprenticeship with a friend named Terry back in 1996. I took a year off in 1998 for personal reasons and I have kept it up since then.
I pride myself on being an anal retentive procedure freak. I don't cut corners, I don't substitute and I don't B.S. anyone either. I have such a love for all forms of body modification I would do it for free if I could. I am committed to up-holding the morals and standards set forth before me. Even though my official training is completed, I still continue to further push myself to the limit by staying on top of new regulations, standards, procedures and guidelines to ensure the safest most hygienic experience possible. Everyday for me is a new learning experience.
If you’re looking for some form of modification, look no further! Were not over the top fancy but this isn't Hollywood either. I give you my personal guarantee that I am safe, sterile, experienced, qualified, and professional. All of my piercing jewelry is vacuum melted implant grade quality materials on ALL of my clients.
A world of thanks to my dedicated and loyal clientele that keep coming back for more and enabling me to do what I love.