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Industrial Strength Body Jewelry was started in 1991 by Jeffry D. Lorenz. J.D. Lorenz expanded his one-man operation in his bedroom, to an industry-leading corporation with distributors on multiple continents. Industrial Strength have been APP members since 2002.


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Jewelry Specifications and Materials

Industrial Strength Locations

"Industrial Strength Corporation" was incorporated in California on July 6, 1995. Their main headquarters is located at 1065 Hensley Street, Richmond, CA 94801; Telephone: 1-800-339-5725, INTL: 510-235-6778; Fax: 510-235-7780.

Industrial Strength Australia is Industrial Strength's face in Australia and New Zealand. Industrial Strength Australia's address is: 192 King St., Newtown 2042, NSW, Australia; Telephone/Fax: (02) 9516 3671.

Jamming Piercing is Industrial Strength's European distributor. Jamming Piercing is based in Switzerland. Telephone number: 0041 71 222 90 47; fax: 0041 71 222 90 48.

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