Hood piercing

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Typical vertical hood piercing.

Clitoral hood piercings are some of the most common female genital piercings around. They heal quickly and are relatively quick-and-painless, and are both aesthetically and physically pleasing to many women. Hood piercings fall into two main categories (click the names for more info):

Horizontal Hood Piercing
Vertical Hood Piercing

Rare piercings such as the deep hood piercing and the Nefertiti piercing are also options for hood piercing, as is the triangle piercing which seeks to interact more directly with the clitoral shaft, or the Isabella piercing which actually intersects the shaft.

Alternative Names

  • Prepuce Piercing: used for both types of hood piercings by Brits.
  • Clit Ring: used incorrectly for this piercing and inner labia piercings

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