Hanky Codes

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Hanky codes are a system for distinguishing sexual interests in public. As the BDSM world expanded in the 1970s, the "Hanky Code" system evolved as a set of icons by which to publicly state one's sexual interests without being too vulgar. The basic idea is that each color has a certain meaning, and by wearing it in your left (dominant) or right (submissive) back pocket, you tell the others at the party what you're looking for.

While there are MANY more codes, the following may be of interest to readers of this glossary:

If worn in left pocket (Color) If worn in right pocket
Bondage master Grey Into bondage
Gives pain Black Into pain
Gives nipple torture Dark Pink Likes getting nipple torture
Fister Red Likes getting fisted
Piercer Purple Pierced
CBT (giver) Teal Blue CBT (receiver)
Cuts Maroon Bleeds
Has tattoos Leopard Likes tattoos